Beware eMusic Spam

I love music. At the risk of sounding like a jaded hipster, I hate the music industry (i.e. the big labels). Their archaic shenanigans over the last decade or so has only intensified my feelings towards them. They need a new business model. I must, however, give some labels credit. Some are trying new things; one of those things is subscription-based music through services like like

Despite the cheesy book-club-like offer of 50 free tracks up front, I signed up -- I want to support any attempts at moving the industry forward. Also, they have a pretty damn good selection of lesser-known music. There are a few bugs (like when a download fails, you don't get a re-try), but overall it was nice to just sit down and browse the tracks... it felt kinda like diggin through the crates again.

I have a practice of providing a distinct email address for each site I register with. I do this so I can know who's selling my email address simply by checking to whom the spam is addressed.

Well, I'm very sorry to say that I started receiving spam addressed to the unique address I provided to only emusic... and it's particularly effective spam ... no... not the messages (I am not interested in viagara), just their techniques. I actually get hundreds of messages per day, and a couple of them actually get through GMail's excellent spam filter.


Out of principle alone, I had to cancel my subscription with eMusic (it was a very painless automated process).

Is there something I should do here? Is it worth contacting emusic? Is there a governing body here in Canada? Most importantly, is there another legal option for me to get music online that isn't mainstream pop crap? I really want to support underground/indie artists...

UPDATE: Since I originally posted this a year ago, I'm still getting inundated with spam addressed to my eMusic email address.