Manage OpenID Access to Your Google Account

I am a huge fan of federated authentication technologies such as OpenID and OAuth. I've finally started diving into the DotNetOpenAuth library (more on this in the future, I'm sure). So I downloaded the MVC Relying Party sample project, F5'd it, authenticated using my Google account, and all was peachy. By the way, anyone with any Google account can use the following as an OpenID URL:

Your Google OpenID:

I ran into a little hiccup when I ran it a second time. I entered the URL above, and, since I had already authorized "localhost" access to my Google account, I was immediately logged in. All without getting the chance to say "Yes, Google, allow this site to authenticate me through my Google account." Of course, this is how OpenID is supposed to work (one of the things that makes it so wicked awesome), but as a developer I need to be able to go through all the steps sometimes.

I needed a way to revoke access to "localhost", and where/how to do this was not apparent. Google has a magic URL that allows you to manage which sites are allowed to authenticate you using your Google account. That URL is this:

Manage Authenticated Sites:

Google Apps Users

Currently, Google is in the process of opening up Apps accounts to have all of the benefits of "regular" (i.e. Gmail) Google accounts (things like Reader, etc.). If you have opted into this when managing your domain, the link above should work for you.

For regular Apps users, here is your URL to manage the authenticated sites (of course, substitute "" with your actual domain):

Manage Authenticated Sites for Google Apps:

This little post should help to remind me of this URL in the future, and hopefully helps some of you!